Validation of gift tickets and complimentary tickets

Validation of gift tickets and complimentary tickets

On this page you can validate your gift ticket or complimentary ticket for a certain time slot. This is a necessary step before visiting the museum/exhibition. Validation can be performed latest on the day preceeding the visit.

Please note that gift tickets and complimentary tickets do not entitle the holder to enter the programme. You need to have a normal ticket, which you are provided following the validation process and which carries the information regarding the time of your visit to the venue. (Gift/complimentary tickets Az érvényesítés után a továbbiakban ajándékjegyre már nincs szükség.) Make sure you can print the ticket at the end of the validation process.

Kindly enter the bar code (characters displayed under the bar code) of the ticket in the field below and click on the Add button. If you want to validate more than one ticket you can simply repeat the above steps once you have clicked on the Add button.

The institution reserves the right to increase prices. The eventual price difference needs to be paid at the time of gift ticket validation.

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