Purchase policy

Purchase Policy – Terms and Conditions

1. General provisions

Jegymester.hu is the webstore of Jegymester Kft. (hereinafter Seller), offering tickets, season tickets and products for cultural and sports events, and for programmes of a variety of institutions. Selecting ticket(s), season tickets, products and the online payment service provider offered on the website of the Seller, respectively generates a purchase contract between Seller and the natural or legal person (hereinafter Buyer) settling the account, in Hungarian or English language. Buyer, after registration and following the steps of purchase, accepts the terms and conditions of the above contract by clicking ’Pay’ on the page listing the details of the purchase. The contract is not a written contract therefore it is not filed. It is confirmed by the electronically saved data of the purchase and the e-mail sent to Buyer.

By accepting the Purchase Policy – Terms and Conditions, Buyer accepts the content of the Help menu as well.

2. Subject matter

Tickets, season tickets and products offered for selection and purchase by Seller. Details are available on respective pages of Seller’s site.

3. Identification of contracting parties

Seller is accountable exclusively for tickets, season tickets and products selected on www.jegymester.hu, purchased through the payment service provider available on Seller’s website, and in accordance with the Terms and Conditions listed.

Seller performs the contract and makes out the bill according to the data provided by Buyer on the registration form. During registration Buyer can check and modify his data and he can do so following the registration as well, in the menu Personal data. Accountability for any sort of damage caused by the provision of wrong or false data is due to Buyer. Seller is entitled to cancel registration appearing obviously wrong or false and to control Buyer’s identity in case of doubt.

4. Pricing and additional fees

Prices of tickets, season tickets, products are indicated at each item. Prices include VAT.

Additional charges include:

· E-Fee: a flat rate processing fee per each ticket, season ticket and product which covers the use of online ticketing service and costs of e-voucher or e-ticket, and e-invoice. This does not apply the ticket prices under 600 HUF or a gift card validation. There is also e-fee for exchanging tickets, unless the tickets replaced for a cancelled or changed event and the purchase was before then the program changed. In this case one exchange will be free. The amount of the processing fee can be found in the Chart of Fees .

· Occasionally, a non fixed Service Charge can occur to cover extra expenses at processing sales of certain events. This fee can be found in the Chart of Fees .

· Shipping fee is charged in case of GLS or Pick Pack Pont delivery. The amount can be found in the Chart of Fees .

· Online payment service charge: applies only at certain online payment service providers. Their fees can be found in the Chart of Fees .

· Occasionally, a non fixed Transaction Fee can occur to cover extra expenses at processing sales of certain events or resellers. This fee can be found in the Chart of Fees .

The above mentioned fees cannot be refunded to Buyer even in case a programme is canceled.

5. Payment and Delivery

Tickets shall be paid on the website of any online payment service provider of Seller, reached through Seller’s website. Seller is not accountable for any sort of error occurring on the online payment service provider’s website. The ticket sales system of the Seller verifies the result of each transaction (let it be a successful or unsuccessful one) by an automatically generated confirmation e-mail and at the same time by displaying the result in the menu „Personal data/My purchases”. The automatically generated confirmation e-mail is sent to Buyer's registered e-mail address. Any sort of damage caused by a wrong e-mail address given by Buyer shifts all responsibility to Buyer. Upon completion of purchase, Buyer receives an e-ticket or e-voucher. E-voucher is not sufficient for admission to the event. Tickets have to be collected any of the following ways:

· In person: at the location indicated on the website. The location is printed on the voucher Buyer receives once the purchase is completed.

· GLS delivery service ( extra fees apply)

· Pick Pack Pont service ( extra fees apply)

Tickets, season tickets and products can also be collected by proxy in case he holds the voucher confirming the purchase, signed by him, and containing his name and address.

Detailed description of online ticket purchase procedure is available in Help menu.

6. E-tickets

E-tickets can be printed by our customers once the purchase is successful. These cannot be delivered by mail or collected at box offices. Printed tickets are valid only if the barcode and numerical code are legible.

Buyer is responsible for damages due to the lost, theft, wrong print, copying or multiple prints of tickets.

7. Invoice

Seller issues an e-invoice of each purchase and of all services connected to the purchase. The invoice is sent electronically after the purchase to the e-mail address given by Buyer.

Buyer agrees that he receives electronic invoice only.

The e-invoice signed electronically by Seller and provided with a timestamp, is in PDF format. It is in compliance with legislation 2007/ CXXVII. (VAT-legislation), and corresponds to regulations of legislation on Electronic Signature 2001./ XXXV. The e-invoice can be opened, read and printed by using Adobe Reader.

8.Ticket Exchange

Buyer has the possibility for ticket exchange on the website, in the case of some program providers within a certain time limit. A ticket can only be exchanged once. Exchanging a higher price category ticket for a lower one (eg. weekend exhibition ticket for workday exhibition ticket) will result in the loss of the price difference. In case you exchange a lower price category ticket to a higher one you will be directed to the bank payment page to pay the difference with credit card. The above option is not available anymore once you have used the ticket or exchanged it, or the deadline for exchange has expired (at exhibitions beyond time slot).

9. Gift cards

1. When purchasing a gift card, the buyer will receive the password required to use the card.The buyer (who gifts the card) shall inform the person to whom the card is to be gifted, of the password.

2. Following the sale of a gift card any data related to the card will be provided only to the buyer of the card, upon receipt of related written request sent from his registered e-mail address.

3. The amount credited to the card upon sale equals the face value. Gift cards can be used only up to face value. Face value can be used fully.

4. Gift cards cannot be reloaded, redeemed for cash and no interest can be claimed on the amount of the card.

5. The actual amount on the card can be used for the partial or full settlement of the price of the product or service to be purchased.

6. Credit and redemption of gift cards can be completed in Hungarian currency that is Hungarian forint HUF.

7. Gift cards are transferable.

8. Gift cards can be credited with an amount ranging from HUF 2,000 to HUF 200,000. Seller offers credits of HUF 5,000; HUF 10,000; HUF 15,000; HUF 20,000; 25,000 HUG or HUF 30,000 as a start.

9. Upon sale of gift cards an additional amount worth HUF 750 service charge is applied besides the credited amount. The service charge includes the costs of manufacturing and the price of the plastic cover and the envelope provided additionally.

10. Gift cards can be collected in person or, for a service charge indicated in the Purchase Policy, received through home delivery by courier service.

11. Gift cards can be redeemed online on www.jegymester.hu and on new.jegymester.hu, at Seller’s webshop.

12. Gift cards expire twelve months from the date of sale. No amount can be used or claimed for refund following the expiry.

13. General terms and conditions, of the ticket office where the card has been purchased, apply. Ticket offices have the right to exclude certain products or services from the scope of the card. No cash shall be refunded if the purchase value is lower than the amount on the card.

14. No recredit or refund of the unused amount of lost or stolen cards shall be granted by Seller. Seller are not responsible if a gift card is lost, stolen, destroyed or used without your permission.

15. Cards purchased before March 11, 2021 can be used with the password provided during the purchase, it is not necessary to activate.

10. Online Content or Online Streaming

The Buyer acknowledges and accepts that the purchase of tickets for online mediation, i.e. the purchase of a streaming ticket is possible only after the acceptance of the eTheater terms of use and the Buyer's consent to the transfer of personal data related to the purchase. The live and on-demand streaming service of Online content purchased at the Service Provider is provided by the eTheater (Foundation for Hungarian Theaters, 1055 Budapest, Kossuth Lajos tér 16-17 fszt. 1 / a, eszinhaz.hu).

11. The right to desist

By completing the transaction as indicated in points 1 and 4 aforementioned Buyer consents Seller’s beginning the performance of the contract (relative to tickets and season tickets to be received by postal delivery) or Seller’s deeming the contract performed (relative to tickets and season tickets to be collected personally). Thus Buyer accepts to have no right to recede following the transaction. It is beyond Seller’s power to exchange or refund tickets.

12. Privacy

All personal details available to Seller via the online registration (name, address, e-mail address, phone number, billing address) will be used exclusively to perform transactions. No such information will be disclosed to third parties without Buyer’s permission. Buyer can ask the inactivation of his account or cancellation of the permission, which is confirmed by Seller in e-mail.

Data Management Policy

13. Complaint management

Buyer can contact Seller in Hungarian or English language on info@jegymester.hu e-mail address to make a complaint. E-mails are answered or the investigation of an eventual complaint is commenced within 72 hours. E-mails sent to info@jegymester.hu address are sorted by status and filed electronically.

14. Miscellaneous

1. Seller offers the exclusive possibility of on-line purchase being thus unable to accept bookings either on phone or in e-mail. Tickets that have been purchased will not be refunded nor exchanged by Seller (for exception see point 8).

2. Seller has the tickets at his disposal as reseller and not as owner. The implementation, organization, cancellation or any quality related complaint referring to the events offered in the webshop falls under event organizer’s obligation.

3. Cultural institutions reserve the right to change their programme. In the event of alteration in or cancellation of the programme tickets can be refunded or exchanged in compliance with conditions set by the event provider.

4. Individual refund of tickets in case of a performance / event at a pre-announced time
Due to a special rason (for example but not exclusively the Coronavirus Situation), tickets can only be refunded with the express permission of the event organizer. In this case the service charge is 10% of the ticket price, and referring to 4th point of the Purchase Policy, additional fees (E-Fee, Service Charge, Delivery Fee, Payment Service Charge, Transaction Fee) will not be refunded.

Applicable law: in case any dispute of any sort might arise all issues not dealt with in this Purchase policy will be governed by the Civil Code of Hungary.

Last updated: 11 March 2021

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