Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Q: How can I pay on the website?

    A: To purchase something on our website you need a bank card. The following paying methods are not eligible on our website: cash on delivery, bank transfer, cafeteria.

  2. Q: Is there a possibility to pay with Szép Card?

    A: According to the Hungarian law as we are resellers of the tickets we are unable to accept Szép Card.

  3. Q: I wonder if my transaction has been successful. How can I verify?

    A: After every purchase we send an automatic email, whether the transaction was successful or not. Also you can check 'Personal data / My purchases' menu once you have logged in. Both successful transactions and those rejected by the card issuer bank are listed. If you have purchased a self-print ticket, please make sure that you print it out and take it with you to the event otherwise you cannot enter the performance/exhibition.

  4. Q: I did not receive a confirmation letter about my purchase, should I restart the purchase process?

    A: No, please only restart the purchase if you received our email about the unsuccessful buying. After every purchase we send an email, as this is an automatic email it might happen that you get this email a bit later then your purchase.

  5. Q: I forgot my password?

    A: On our website if you click to Log in you can choose the option: Forgot password. Please click on this button and write your email address or your ID name in the empty box. After this our system will send you an automatic email with your password.

  6. Q: I could not print the voucher. How can I get the tickets?

    A: Log in and go to 'Personal data / My purchases' menu and reprint the voucher using your registered email address and password.
    If you have purchased an e-ticket, please make sure that you print it out and take it with you to the event otherwise you cannot enter the performance/exhibition.

  7. Q: How could I get a VAT invoice?

    A: At the last part of our registration process there is the option to give the Billing address, please fill it out. If you would like to change the billing information before your purchase, you have to go to Personal data and edit data.

  8. Q: I would like to change the data on an already existing invoice?

    A: According to our Purchase policy we cannot modify the bill after purchase, as it is an automatically generated e-invoice.

  9. Q: When can I collect my tickets?

    A: E- tickets (self-printed tickets) can be printed right after the purchase is completed. (You can print them later on as well from menu 'Personal data / My purchases', once you have logged in). If you have purchased a self-print ticket, please make sure that you print it out and take it with you to the event otherwise you cannot enter the performance/exhibition.
    In case of vouchers all the information getting the tickets are listed on the voucher. Please read this information carefully and take the printed voucher with you to the pickup point.

  10. Q: If I send my order via email or I make a call to order the tickets, will you reserve the tickets for me?

    A: We do not accept reservations via email or phone. Tickets can be purchased on-line.

  11. Q: If it is needed I could give you my credit/debit card data.

    A: We cannot accept reservations. You can buy the tickets online via online payment through a bank’s payment site. Furthermore, we strongly recommend you not to give the details of your credit card to anyone. It might lead to misuse.

  12. Q: I cannot put the tickets into my basket, if I click to the ‘put into the basket’ button, there is either an error message, or the basket stays empty.

    A: It might be that your browser does not allow cookies. Please accept the cookie policies as it is necessary to our website’s proper operation.

  13. Q: Is it possible to change the time and date I have originally purchased the ticket for?

    A: Self-print tickets can be exchanged (only if the event organiser has consented to it formerly). To complete this: log in and go to the menu Personal data / My purchases and then select the Details of the purchase and finally click on Exchange tickets. You can modify the ticket only once, within the given deadline to such a time slot/performance where there are available tickets.

  14. Q: If I exchange my ticket to a lower price category ticket will I be refunded with the price difference?

    A: Except in the case of some organizers, Buyer is provided the possibility for ticket exchange on the website within a certain time limit. Exchanging a higher price category ticket for a lower one will result in the loss of the price difference. In case you exchange a lower price category ticket to a higher one you will be directed to the bank’s payment page to pay the difference with credit/debit card. The above mentioned option is not available if you have used the ticket or exchanged it already, or the deadline for exchange has expired/the ticket itself expired.

  15. Q: My ticket is valid for a certain time slot. When can I use my ticket?

    A: You can enter the museum at any time during the chosen time slot, but please note that your barcode is only valid until the end time of the time slot, therefore by this time your barcode already has to be checked. The beginning and ending of a time slot thus indicates the chosen time of entry and not its duration.

  16. Q: I have a gift ticket, how can I validate it?

    A: You can validate your gift ticket on the following link: Validate-gift-tickets

  17. Q: My bank card was charged although the purchase was unsuccessful and I even got an email about the unsuccessful buying.

    A: Mostly the bank only blocks the amount on your card, but the transaction is not completed as the purchase failed. Therefore, this lockup is automatically released after a certain period of time. If you experience that the amount was withdrawn from your account, please contact us in an email.

  18. Q: Can I buy tickets in your office?

    A: Our service is only available online on our website. In our office there is no possibility to purchase tickets, we only provide pickup services for already purchased gift cards or some of the vouchers.

  19. Q: I bought tickets for an online event, but can't find the link, what can I do?

    A: After the successful purchase, you can find the link of the live broadcast at the bottom of the ticket you received. After logging in to our website, you can access the ticket by clicking on Details in the My Purchases menu and then on the View Voucher button.

    In case of buying ticket for a recorded performance, after registration on the eTheater page, the coupon code on the ticket has to be redeemed under the following link:
    The redeemed ticket is valid for one week from the date of the first viewing of the recorded event. During this period, viewing of the recorded event can be interrupted and restarted, but it can only be viewed in its entirety twice.

    You can also access the link to the online guided tours of the Museum of Fine Arts from the My Purchases menu. Late connectors will be given 10 minutes from the start time to join to the event.

Plays can be watched on the below devices if you are provided with at least an internet-connection detailed as follows and you use one of the following operation systems and web browsers:


  • Smartphone
  • Tablet
  • Desktop computer / notebook
  • Smart television (with an Android operating system by running in a web browser, please see the supported web browsers)

Internet connection:
At least 500 Kb/s download speed is required (1 Mb/s is recommended).
We draw your attention to the fact that the quality of the played performance may vary depending on the internet connection.

Operating system:

  • Windows 7 or newer
  • Mac OS X 10.7 or newer
  • Ubuntu 10 or newer
  • Any version of iOS or Android being capable to run the below listed web browsers

Web browser:

  • Google Chrome v70 or newer
  • Firefox v60 or newer
  • Microsoft Edge v40 or newer
  • Safari v12 or newer

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