The Adventures of the Flying Grandma

Musical comedy

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What happens when Marika Oszvald comes on the scene?

The audience have always enjoyed her operetta songs, adored her mirthful character, and have been amazed at her agility and breakneck acrobatics. She is still one of the brightest stars on the sky of the operetta genre. Her performances have always been hailed as funny, entertaining and cheerful and were rewarded with standing ovation and a burst of applause.

During the last few seasons, our children's concert show 'Musical Tales' was met with wide acclaim and that is why we still keep it on repertoire.

But in December 2012, we will present a brand new musical family show featuring Marika Oszvald, which is full of singing, dancing, fantastic breathtaking surprises, and which tells the story of the wondrous adventures of the flying grandma!

We recommend this show to anyone of any age: from grandmothers to grandchildren, from toddlers to grownups. Marika Oszvald and her guests, Mónika Fischl (Crybaby), Zsuzsi Vágó (The Princess in Disguise), Bence Brasch (The Noble Prince) and Károly Peller (The Gingerbread Hussar) will surely light up the stage!

This fantastic show features our most popular artists, who will perform songs from such all-time favourites as The Jungle Book, Annie, Wicked, The Lion King, and Süsü the Dragon mixed with the evergreens of Offenbach, Mozart, Pongrác Kacsóh, Jenő Huszka, Albert Szirmai, Ferenc Lehár and Imre Kálmán.

We would like to present this show as a gift for our audience: for children and their parents, for grandfathers and grandmothers; a story about Marika Oszvald, the good witch of the Operetta Theatre and the flying grandma, who will guides us through the world of fantastic music genres: from musical and operetta to opera.

Director: Peller Károly

Oszi the Witch, our Flying Grandma: Marika Oszvald
Crybaby: Mónika Fischl/Annamária Zábrádi
The Princess in Disguise: Zsuzsi Vágó/
The Noble Prince: Bence Brasch
The Gingerbread Hussar. Károly Peller

Pianist: János Mihalics
Pianist: Gábor Nagy

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