Kenessey Jenő - Tóth Péter

The Gold and the Woman / The Tót Family


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This programme directed by Csaba Káel features opera versions of two literary works by two important authors from the Hungarian world of letters. An opera based on Gyula Krúdy's eponymous play was commissioned by Kálmán Nádasdy long ago: The Gold and the Woman was Jenő Kenessey's sole foray into the genre of opera and, at the same time, one of the most popular Hungarian works of the first half of the 20th century. A few years after the success of his fairy tale opera Prince Árgyélus, composer Péter Tóth, who also serves as dean of the University of Szeged’s faculty of music, set to work on composing an “adult” one-act piece. The Tót Family is one of the most important novellas and plays in Hungarian literature, which now, following the emblematic Fábri-Latinovits film and a slew of theatrical productions still competing with each other to this day, found a place for itself in the genre of opera. Its world premiere took place at the Eiffel Art Studios in 2019.

Jenő Kenessey
The Gold and the Woman

István Örkény – Péter Tóth
The Tót Family

Operas in Hungarian, with Hungarian and English surtitles

Age limit: over 14 years

Director: Káel Csaba

The Gold and the Woman

General cast:
Conductor:Zsolt Jankó

Wolfgang:István Kovács
Anna:Ildikó Megyimórecz
Mercenary captain:Atilla Kiss-B.
Hinkó:Gergely Biri
First actor:Tivadar Kiss
Second actor:Ferenc Cserhalmi
Commander of the guard:Ferenc Endrész univ. stud.
Dancers: N.N.

Composer:Jenő Kenessey
Libretto based on Gyula Krúdy's drama of the same title by:Jenő Kenessey
Set designer:Éva Szendrényi
Costume designer:Anikó Németh
Lighting designer:Ferenc Stadler
Choreographer :Marianna Venekei
Dramaturg:Eszter Orbán
Chorus director:Gábor Csiki

The Tót Family

General cast:
Conductor:Zsolt Jankó

Lajos Tót:László Szvétek
Mariska:Mária Farkasréti
Ágika:Nánási Helga
Major:Boldizsár László
Postman:Ferenc Cserhalmi
Priest Tomaji:Lajos Geiger
Gyula Tót:Barna Bartos univ. stud.
Water carrier :Ferenc Endrész univ. stud.
Gizi Gézáné:Tímea Tímár

Composer:Péter Tóth
Original work:Örkény István
Libretto based on Róbert Bognár and András Schlanger's adaptation of István Örkény's novella of the same title by:Szabolcs Várady
Set designer:Éva Szendrényi
Costume designer:Anikó Németh
Lighting designer:Ferenc Stadler
Dramaturg:Eszter Orbán
Head of the Children's Chorus:Nikolett Hajzer
Featuring:the Hungarian State Opera Orchestra, Chorus and Children’s Chorus

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