Claudio Monteverdi – Bella Máté

L'incoronazione di Poppea (The Coronation of Poppea)


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Monteverdi’s final work for the stage dates from 1642, meaning the dawn of the genre of opera. It is customary to consider this music by the 75-year-old master to be the first true opera, which both back then and ever since has been praised for its originality, its melodiousness as well as for its multi-layered depiction of the human features of the characters. From all of this, it appears that Poppea’s relevance has not changed one whit over the course of the centuries. The piece will be staged by András Almási-Tóth at the Eiffel Art Studios in an unusual format: the Opera has commissioned Máté Bella to create a rescored new version spiced with contemporary musical elements.

Opera in two parts, in Italian with Hungarian and English surtitles
Age limit: over 16 years
Premiere: Sept. 25, 2020

Director: Almási-Tóth András

General cast:
Conductor: Gergely Vajda

Poppea (Lover of Nerone): Bori Keszei
Nerone (Emperor of Rome): Tibor Szappanos
Ottavia (Wife of Nerone): Andrea Szántó
Ottone (Finacé of Poppea): Krisztián Cser
Seneca (Tutor of Nerone): Péter Fried
Drusilla (in love with Ottone): Eszter Zemlényi
Amore: Zoltán Daragó
Arnalta (Confidant of Poppea): Bernadett Wiedemann
Fortune: Diána Kiss
Libertino: Attila Varga-Tóth univ. stud.
Littore: Lőrincz Kósa univ.stud.
Nutrice (Nurse of Ottavia): Mária Farkasréti
Virtue: Andrea Brassói-Jőrös
Lucano: Gergely Dargó

Composer: Claudio Monteverdi, Máté Bella
Libretto written by: Giovanni Francesco Busenello
Dramaturg of the adaptation: Eszter Orbán
Director: András Almási-Tóth
Set designer: Izsák Lili
Costume designer: Krisztina Lisztopád
Movement director: Eszter Lázár
Hungarian surtitles based on the translation of Anna Mária Kovács by: András Almási-Tóth
English surtitles: Arthur Roger Crane
Assistants to the director: Katalin Lázár, Albert Mányik
Musical assistants: Erika Dallos,Katalin Doman, Jean Klára, Anikó Katona

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