Opera Playground 3.

Musical comedy

Videó bezárása

G.Puccini: La boheme

In 2021, the Opera Playground will continue with the Budapest Strings with a three-part season ticket. This time it will be a sequel of an opera fairy tale. The tale is called:

La boheme.

Opera playground is an interactive activity where children learn how to listen to an opera while they are actively playing. The proximity of the singers and the orchestra makes the experience literally tangible for them. Play instructor Pál Göttinger guarantees active participation, while Dániel Dinyés tries to illuminate the musical message of the operas in a way that children can take in. The performances are based on the Budapest String Chamber Orchestra, whereby the musical realization of arias and duets can be made even more alive. The concerts always feature two singers who play with the children, who, instead of taking the role of the audience, learn to collaborate and perform with the opera singers.

A replacement performance by the Budapest Strings for children aged 6-10.


Klára Kolonits – soprano
Antal Cseh – bass baritone
Barbara Bordás – soprano
Attila Erdős Attila – baritone
and others

Dániel Dinyés

Play instructor:
Pál Göttinger

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