Mitch Leigh - Joe Darion - Dale Wasserman

Man of La Mancha


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Are we lockedinside the prison of our own mind and thoughts? Our latest stage performance of our theatre makes us think while entertaining. The tale becoming alive in an abstract environment is about Don Quixote, the melancholy-faced knight who was dreaming a nicer and better world so long that he finally believed it to be existent. It is interesting that the original musical made its debut on 22nd of November, 1965 at the Square Theater in Washington, then the production was moved to the Martin Beck Theater and was performed 2328 times. The first European performance was held in Madrid, the Hungarian premiere took place at the Budapest Operetta Theatre in 1971 with Iván Darvas in the lead role. After decades long the performance is again on our stage and will be performed true to its text and notes but with modern equipment, concept and spectacle, compelling costumes, excellent cast on 20th March. The key roles will be played Szilveszter Szabó P., Miklós Máté Kerényi, Attila Serbán, Péter Sándor, Anna Peller and Annamari Dancs, the director-choreographer is Balázs Vincze.

“Sancho, thou must know, that, by the will of Heaven, I was born in this age of iron, to revive in it that of gold, or - as people usually express it - the golden age”

The presentation of the Man of La Mancha was made possible by the agreement between Concord Theatricals Ltd. and the Theatrum Mundi Színházi és Irodalmi Ügynökség.

Duration:180 minutes
Number of acts: 2

Director: Vincze Balázs

Don Quijote / Cervantes: Szabó P. Szilveszter / Németh Attila / Nagy Lóránt
Sancho: Kerényi Miklós Máté / Serbán Attila / Sándor Péter
Aldonza / Dulcinea: Peller Anna / Nádasi Veronika / Dancs Annamari
Herceg / Carrasco / Tükörlovag: Bálint Ádám / Gömöri András Máté /Angler Balázs
Kormányzó / Fogadós: Dézsy Szabó Gábor / Pálfalvy Attila / Petridisz Hrisztosz
Atya: Mészáros Árpád Zsolt / Magócs Ottó / György-Rózsa Sándor
Házvezetőnő: Kalocsai Zsuzsa / Sz. Nagy Ildikó / Vásári Mónika
Antónia: Vágó Zsuzsi / Füredi Nikolett / Fekete-Kovács Veronika
Borbély: Magócs Ottó / Imre Roland / Czikora István László
Pedro: Miklós Attila / Illés Zoltán
Kapitány: Aczél Gergő

Bolba Tamás
Tassonyi Zsolt

Script: Dale Wasserman
Music: Mitch Leigh
Lyrics: Joe Darion
Original production staged by: Albert Marre
Original production: Albert W. Seiden and Hal James

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