Marianna Venekei / László Dés

A Streetcar Named Desire


Videó bezárása

Ballet version of the play of the same title by Tennessee Williams

Presented by special arrangement with The University of the South, Sewanee, Tennessee. A Streetcar Named Desire: Copyright © 1947, 1953 renewed 1975, 1981 The University of the South.

A Streetcar Named Desire is Marianna Venekei's first full-length choreography. The project, lovingly nurtured for many years, is a collaboration between her and composer-saxophonist László Dés. Using the means of modern ballet, its creators evoke the atmosphere, sights and music of the New Orleans of the 1940s, the time and setting of Tennessee Williams's original work, in a production driven by the sheer variety of the musical and dance motifs, and the unique personalities of the characters. The story of the fall of Blanche DuBois is a drama of family bonds, unrequited love, acceptance and physical force that never loses its relevance.

The permission of the copyright-holder was obtained through the intermediation of Hofra Kft. (

Dance-drama in two acts
Age limit: over 18 years
Premiere June 17, 2017

“A world premiere and Venekei's first full-length work for the Hungarian National Ballet, this close adaptation of William’s 1947 work, is a pearl not to be missed.” (Katja Vaghi, Bachtrack)


General cast:
Blanche: Cristina Balaban / Lea Földi / Jessica Carulla Leon
Stanley: András Rónai / Iurii Kekalo / Gergő Ármin Balázsi
Stella: Kateryna Tarasova / Artemisz Pisla / Anna Krupp
Mitch: Maksym Kovtun / Taran Dumitru / Levente Bajári
Pablo: Kristóf Morvai / András Szegő / Yago Guerra
Steve: Carlos Taravillo Mahillo / Francesco Sardella / Topolánszky Vince
Allan: Gergely Leblanc / Mikalai Radziush /Louis Scrivener
Allan's friend: Valerio Antonio Palumbo / Carlos Taravillo Mahillo / Dmitry Zhukov

the students of the Hungarian National Ballet Institute

Choreographer: Marianna Venekei
The original play was written by: Tennessee Williams
Composer: László Dés
Arranged by: Péter Erdélyi, László Dés
Musical director: Péter Erdélyi
Libretto after the play of the same name by Tennessee Williams: Marianna Venekei, László Dés
Set designer: Gergely Zöldy Z
Costume designer: Imelda Jeremias Bianca
Lighting designer: Balázs Csontos
Assistant choreographer: Ágnes Sárközy-Holler
Company répétiteur: Ágnes Sárközy-Holler, Marianna Venekei

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